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Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange (総合 6547位)
価格 : 無料
マーケット評価 : 4.2 (評価数 : 4,459)
ダウンロード数 : 100,000以上


カテゴリー : 仕事効率化 (アプリケーション)
バージョン : 11.7.10
マーケット更新日 : 2019/03/05
開発者 : UniqTec Inc.
動作条件 : 4.0 以上
サイズ : 5.6M
情報取得日 : 2019/03/24


■ 概要
Tasks & Notes is a fully featured tasks with GTD, notes and check-list app with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (Corporate, Office365 and Hotmail) support. Synchronize your items between your tablet, phone and PC with your Exchange server.

Please, do not post questions and negative comments in the reviews and contact us by email instead. We always respond to you in less than a few hours and help you delicately solve any issues including the price of the app.

See FAQ for more information:

Fully functional 14-day trial with a one-time price of $4.99 for all your devices

■ Direct push synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync
■ Tasks and Check-Lists

■ マーケットレビュー
  • Great app to access Exchange Note and Task for a server requirng certificate. I found 2 issues. 1) When Dark skin is chosen, only server setting dialog in Account setting (people icon in the bottom) remains Light skin but font color is white. I need to go back to Light skin to change server setting. 2) App hangs when a Task having some note is doubleclicked to open. A workaround I found is to open a Task having blank note, and reset wrap setting. Any Task can be opened after the change.
  • Exchange と接続できる ToDo アプリの中で一番出来が良い印象
  • outlookのタスクにリアルタイム完全同期。素晴らしい。
  • Outlook task最高 只、UIが日本語表示なら★★★★★です。
  • Not updated
  • こういうのがほしかった
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