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HyperRogue (総合 15031位)
価格 : 無料
マーケット評価 : 3.8 (評価数 : 919)
ダウンロード数 : 10,000以上


カテゴリー : パズル (ゲーム)
バージョン : 10.5e
マーケット更新日 : 2019/01/24
開発者 : Zeno Rogue
動作条件 : 4.3 以上
サイズ : 20M
情報取得日 : 2019/04/24


■ 概要
You are a lone outsider in a strange, non-Euclidean world.. As a Rogue, your goal is to collect as many treasures as possible. However, collecting treasures attracts dangerous monsters (on the other hand, killing the monsters allows more treasures to be generated).

Collecting enough treasure also allows you to find rare magical orbs, which grant you one-time or time-limited special abilities.

The world is a combination of eleven types of lands. Each land type has specific style (monsters, treasure, magical orbs, terrain features). Collecting treasures only attracts more monsters in lands of the same type, so you can try to collect lots of treasure in several different lands! Ultimately, you will be able to access Hell, and look for the fabulous Orbs of Yendor which are hidden there.

The game is inspired by the roguelike genre (you are not allowed to save as the game is short enough and reloading the same saved file several times would be cheating), as well as puzzle games such as DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death). HyperRogue is one of just few games played on a hyperbolic plane.

Play HyperRogue for free, or download HyperRogue Gold, which includes online achievements and leaderboards (via Google Games Services), and is updated more frequently (more lands with unique mechanics, and other features). If you want a small app, download HyperRogue Lite without music. Also play the desktop version of HyperRogue!

More about HyperRogue:

■ マーケットレビュー
  • 少しの油断でゲームオーバーになり、最初からやり直し。なので緊張感を楽しみたい人向けのゲーム。単純なルールで、豊富な工夫がある。また、音楽も美しい。Gameover by little off guard, And, again from the beginning. So, this is a game for people who want to enjoy the feeling of tension. This game is a simple rule, and this has a rich ingenuity. In addition , the beautiful music.
  • こゆの探してたウン
  • アップデートで 音が付いた!\(^o^)/ 楽しい。
  • いい 結構面白いけど、たまに固まっちゃって再起動しないといけないorz
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