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Talisman (総合 16775位)
価格 : 380円
マーケット評価 : 4.2 (評価数 : 8,124)
ダウンロード数 : 100,000以上


カテゴリー : ボード (ゲーム)
バージョン : 22.12
マーケット更新日 : 2019/05/21
開発者 : Asmodee Digital
動作条件 : 4.0 以上
サイズ : 94M
情報取得日 : 2019/05/23


■ 概要
Embark on a perilous fantasy adventure, fighting dragons, battling serpents, and avoiding the deadly curse of the Hag. Will you be the first to claim the Crown of Command?

"A great game with a ton of content." - 4/5 BoardGameGeek.

"Talisman: Digital Edition is one of the best board game ports available for iPad and Android, period." – Dave Neumann, Pocket Tactics

**Included in's Top 10 Board Games on Android**

Talisman, the magical quest game from Games Workshop, is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by fantasy fans for nearly 30 years. It’s a game of skilful decision-making based on dice and cards. There are 14 characters available, be it Warrior, Assassin, Thief or Wizard they are all unique in their strengths, weaknesses and special powers. To win the game race your opponents through a perilous realm, journeying to the heart of the land to find the Crown of Command.

Many of the expansions, true to the board game, are available with more yet to come.

■ マーケットレビュー
  • There are too much bug while network playing .It often freeze and participants must reconnect. Solo play is O.K. but network play is terrible.
  • Please add Japanese language
  • 昔ボード版で遊んだから大体は解るけど キャラ能力の部分だけでも訳がほしい まぁ固有名詞から連想できるから洋TRPGあたりやってる人は 取っ掛かりやすいかと
  • サポートセンターからの、的確なアドバイス で、再び遊ぶことが出来ました!感謝します。
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