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カテゴリー : ライフスタイル (アプリケーション)
バージョン : 1.0.132
マーケット更新日 : 2015/11/05
開発者 : Innova Technology
動作条件 : 2.3 以上
サイズ : 5.2M
情報取得日 : 2018/04/15


■ 概要
For full application functionality, PROTAG device is required. If you experience any issues or wish to suggest improvements, contact us at

PROTAG application is the right hand of the PROTAG bluetooth device that is specially designed and engineered by Innova Technology to prevent loss of your valuables with just 3 simple steps- Slot, Sync and Secure.

PROTAG acts like a wireless leash which "chains" your mobile phone to your valuable. In the event when your valuables are left behind, your mobile phone will alert you before any trouble arises.

Especially when you are overseas, losing your valuables can prove to be real hassle and pain when you are required to replace your passport at the embassy, calling the credit card companies to cancel your cards and replacing money when you lose your wallet and other valuables. Simply put it, your entire holiday will be ruined.

We feel your pain, loss and frustration and thus created - PROTAG

If you face any issues or have problems downloading, contact us at

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