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Visual Anatomy Free (総合 18286位)
価格 : 無料
マーケット評価 : 4.1 (評価数 : 29,084)
ダウンロード数 : 1,000,000以上


カテゴリー : 医療 (アプリケーション)
バージョン : 端末により異なります
マーケット更新日 : 2017/08/09
開発者 : Education Mobile
動作条件 : 端末により異なります
サイズ : 端末により異なります
情報取得日 : 2018/07/21


■ 概要
Visual Anatomy Free is an interactive reference, and education tool with audio pronunciation. Now it include a rotational organ 3D overview model and 3D animations!! It contains all body anatomy systems and has more than 500 feature points which can be interactively select. Each feature point has its own label and description. The app also has search function which can be used as searching the labels of all feature points. 8 overview images from Gray's anatomy. Full version has all 1247 images.
In additional, a quiz with 23 multi-choice questions also is included.

This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their patients or students - helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries. It is also a general anatomy guide.

★ Support English, French, Spanish, German languages.
★ muscle description (ORIGIN, INSERTION, NERVE, ACTIONS).
★ Tap and Zoom - Pinch zoom into and identify any region, bone or other feature by tapping on the screen.

■ マーケットレビュー
  • 日本語の説明が必要です。
  • 機能の少ないお試し版 恐らく平成25年8月17日 収録されている3DCGは上半身の内臓のみで回転方向は横方向のみ。後は只の解剖図。
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